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It all makes sense

Posted in Turning Point on August 12, 2012 by Tony

I’ve read the book, and what I’ve read disturbs me greatly.

Firstly, the notes all make sense now. They fit in together perfectly. I was thinking of uploading the book as a PDF file or something for people to read, but I don’t want to. It unsettles me too much, the whole thing.

The notes I found seem to be research done by the writer about the incidents outlined in “Outcast”. At the beginning of the book, the writer has written down that the story is based on real events. I need to try and learn what happened to whoever wrote this book.

I know this sounds gullible, but if the stuff described in the book actually did happen then I’d be very worried. Not only about myself, but about what may have happened to the writer…


Transcription of the notes

Posted in Turning Point on August 10, 2012 by Tony

I have transcribed the sets of notes that could not have been read properly when photographed (except for the third one, which was legible on camera);


“It starts with a disappearance, then more deaths follow. Someone’s doing it. My novel must make it clear. It gets inside the main character’s blood. His mind cracks, his spirit breaks. He’s being watched by them, he thinks he must be next. He thinks his friends are responsible, he wants to get rid of them for his own safety. He remembers the eyes. They pierce his heart like a sword. The novel must cover all the incidents, no exceptions. I must make it clear as to who’s causing them, and it’ll be a warning to everyone.”


“It happens every year, by the same people The novel’s main message must be made clear. But I need another message to be made clear aswell.”

[The words accompanying the heart and sword illustration are “Grá?” and “Neart”? I don’t speak Irish, but after attempting to translate them, they mean “Love?” and “Strength?”. The heart seems to be for love, the sword for strength.]

“The heart and the sword. I need to make this main theme clear.” [Sentences that seem to be in Irish are scribbled out, I didn’t translate them.]

“Why can’t they leave me alone?”

I will begin reading “Outcast” now.

The notes

Posted in Turning Point on August 10, 2012 by Tony

The previous owner’s manuscripts seemed to be research notes of some kind. I thought they were just ideas for the novel, but after a closer look I’m not so sure about that…

Have a look for yourselves:


If these were development notes or anything to do with the fictional story the person’s written, then why would they be written to appear so factual?

It makes no sense. And the one in the third picture confuses me the most. That sketch the guy did looks like the place I took a picture of in the mountains. Of course, he/she didn’t know I was there. But it’s strange all the same. Well, I probably have no reason to be worried. But I guess it shocks me a little bit.

I’m going to read that book “Outcast”. There could be something in there that’ll make me understand the notes more. I’m also going to transcribe the notes so people can read them more clearly.

By the way, I haven’t been feeling too well recently so I went to the doctor this afternoon and got an injection. Apparently it was some type of flu, but nothing serious.


Posted in Turning Point on August 9, 2012 by Tony

I was looking around the attic for the first time yesterday, completely empty as expected. But in the corner of the place I found a small bundle of papers.

They were notes, left in a meticulously neat order. Seeing absolutely nothing except for this was kinda eerie. Nevertheless I took them, and downstairs I read them.

What I found was surprising, to say the least.

It appears that whoever owned this house before me was a writer of some sort. All of the papers were covered with hastily handwritten notes and sketches. Except for one bundle of papers typed up, which appeared to be a fully-finished yet unpublished book.

I counted the pages, and the previous owner (supposedly) had written an 84-page novella. The writer has it titled “Outcast”. I haven’t read it yet, and I’m not sure if I should read a stranger’s discarded book anyway. But I’m still tempted to take a look.

The cover of this forgotten book is weird, though. The author went to the trouble of drawing some type of insignia for it:

Does anyone know where this logo may derive from? Or what it may mean, if anything at all?

Now, I know I said I’d use this blog for photography purposes. But this is kind of exciting for me, you know? So In the meantime I might as well read some of this book, and I’ll post anything I find out about it along the way.