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The heart and sword

Posted in Hellfire on August 18, 2012 by Tony

This is the last you’ll be hearing from me. I’m finished. It’s all going to finish.

I’m grinning to myself as I write this, with pride. Why? Because I’m a new person! When I looked into the mirror this morning, do you know what I saw? A new person! My eyes were a blazing red! I looked like some ferocious creature. I’m new! I’m reformed!  I laughed and laughed. I’m living by a creed! My eyes are still a burning red, just like that cat’s! Now I’m one with the fear! Everything’s going to be okay! My eyes are still like that. They’ll always be like that! I’m so happy! The heart and sword. I live by it! There cannot be LOVE without MENTAL STRENGTH, just like the book said. I’m human!

Do you know who wrote that book? Do you know what happened to him? I think I know! He’s here right now, in fact. Standing outside my door, watching me write this. I know what he’s going to do with me, it’ll be just another incident in the legacy of the dead! That’s why I’m not scared, because I’ll be continuing that legacy with my blood! He’s opening the door now, I can hear him. Hail us, graces, and live by me!




Something’s wrong

Posted in Hellfire on August 15, 2012 by Tony

I don’t want to go back.

I can’t get those eyes out of my mind, they’re engraved into my brain like some sort of creed set in stone. I want them to leave.

I went at night, to that ruined building in the videos that I photographed previously. No one was there, at least not at the beginning. I went inside, the place is just a mess with nothing of note. But I’ve never felt such a fear before. Walking through the empty, stone rooms in pitch darkness. When I went upstairs, there was still nothing. But when I returned to the stairs, that’s when I saw it.

A large black cat moving up the stairs, it didn’t look at me until it noticed me. Then I saw its eyes.

It glared at me with eyes of blazing red. I’ve never seen such eyes before, I wonder if was I half asleep or something. But it started snarling. It was just a cat, but I was scared. Maybe I wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t 30 minutes past midnight.

I dashed forward and kicked at the thing while running downstairs. I didn’t hear any sound from the cat, nor did I look back. I just ran out of the place. When I was running back to my car, I could swear a group of people chased me. I don’t know where they came from, they just appeared from behind the trees, if they were even there. But I made it back, so I must have outrun them.

I got home, I locked the doors and rushed to my room. I guess I was in a panic, which would have been stupid, but that horrible shade of red was stuck in my mind. And those videos I watched didn’t help either. I kept remembering that sickening creature. But when I looked at my watch, I became paralysed with fright.

My watch said it was 4 in the morning. That should have been impossible, it was merely an hour since I explored the building on top of that mountain at half-past midnight. The drive only takes about ten minutes, and I had just come home. I’m still so confused as to why this happened. Thinking my watch could be broken, I looked at the clock in the kitchen.

4 in the morning. Every clock in my house said 4 in the morning. At this stage I was choking with fear. I just ran upstairs and tried to sleep.

I’m not having anything to do with this anymore. I’m forgetting the book, the notes, the building of stone, everything. I don’t want to burn the notes, because if something happens to me they could give people a lead as to why I was in such danger. Is it too much to say I’m in danger? No, it’s not. All because of those eyes. I know they’re watching me right now. And anyone who’s read this.

But I don’t care. People can die for all I care, I just want to be safe.

“The Hellfire Club”

Posted in Hellfire on August 13, 2012 by Tony

This is the site I found the image on. The “satanic significance” is explained thoroughly here.

I’m going to go to that ruined building in the mountains again. I don’t know why, but I just want to. It’s so relevant to the “Outcast” novel I found that I feel I have to.

The black cat

Posted in Hellfire on August 13, 2012 by Tony

I can’t really say anymore about those videos except for the obvious fact that they’re for promotional purposes. But there is one thing that unsettles me.

The location that is frequently seen in the videos (the place can be seen in every video except “Outcast PV 3”). It seems to be exactly the same place where I took one of my photographs in the mountains, and the place in the sketch. This is probably a coincidence, but the sheer number of times the videos showed it proves the location may have some significance.

Another image that seems frequent is that black cat. After reading “Outcast”, the reason for this is clear. It’s supposed to have some “satanic significance” (in the words of the writer). After searching for this picture of the cat on the internet, I found it mentioned on a certain website;


I seem to be rambling quite a bit. If so, I apologise. I’m just… excited I guess, by all this. Something tells me I should leave it alone, but I can’t. The abhorred nature of “Outcast” somehow makes the events behind the story so tempting to find out.

I’ll post the link to the website I found the picture on, to see what anyone may think of it.