R.I.P. Tony McKenzie

I am a close friend of Tony McKenzie (who used this blog) and I felt that it was my responsibility to explain his passing in this form for the public. I’m using it with his family’s permission, since I knew his password and username. Yes, I am aware of the worrying nature of his last few blog posts, and of the sort of material he was talking about, but nevertheless I need to explain.

Over the last few days, Tony seemed to cut off contact with his family and his friends (including me). When I rang him on the day he moved into his new house, he seemed fine. But after that repeated calls to him from his friends and family remained unanswered.

Eventually we became worried, and his father went to visit him using his spare key. He found Tony in his room, dead. His computer was still on. His chair was overturned, and he was lying on the floor.  The nature of his death is puzzling and most saddening, for there were no cuts or major injuries except for minor bruises. But his face was of a most disturbing nature.

From what I heard, his eyes were wide open and his mouth was in such a shape that it appeared he was screaming.  I hope I’m allowed explain how he was found, I don’t want his family to be insulted by this or anything. I’m just explaining what happened to him so that any people following his blog could understand.

As for the “Outcast” book that worried him so much, the author remains unknown. He/she has not come forward to admit to writing it. However, we considered the content of Tony’s blog posts and decided that, with due respect, we would seek for the book to be published anonymously. I myself have not read it, and neither has anyone that I know of save for Tony.

We arranged for “Outcast” to be published very soon, we just need to arrange how we’re going to publish it appropriately due to the situations surrounding it. I asked if his family agreed with publishing the book, and they had no objections.

R.I.P Tony McKenzie

11 October, 1990- August 18, 2012



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