The heart and sword

This is the last you’ll be hearing from me. I’m finished. It’s all going to finish.

I’m grinning to myself as I write this, with pride. Why? Because I’m a new person! When I looked into the mirror this morning, do you know what I saw? A new person! My eyes were a blazing red! I looked like some ferocious creature. I’m new! I’m reformed!  I laughed and laughed. I’m living by a creed! My eyes are still a burning red, just like that cat’s! Now I’m one with the fear! Everything’s going to be okay! My eyes are still like that. They’ll always be like that! I’m so happy! The heart and sword. I live by it! There cannot be LOVE without MENTAL STRENGTH, just like the book said. I’m human!

Do you know who wrote that book? Do you know what happened to him? I think I know! He’s here right now, in fact. Standing outside my door, watching me write this. I know what he’s going to do with me, it’ll be just another incident in the legacy of the dead! That’s why I’m not scared, because I’ll be continuing that legacy with my blood! He’s opening the door now, I can hear him. Hail us, graces, and live by me!




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