Something’s wrong

I don’t want to go back.

I can’t get those eyes out of my mind, they’re engraved into my brain like some sort of creed set in stone. I want them to leave.

I went at night, to that ruined building in the videos that I photographed previously. No one was there, at least not at the beginning. I went inside, the place is just a mess with nothing of note. But I’ve never felt such a fear before. Walking through the empty, stone rooms in pitch darkness. When I went upstairs, there was still nothing. But when I returned to the stairs, that’s when I saw it.

A large black cat moving up the stairs, it didn’t look at me until it noticed me. Then I saw its eyes.

It glared at me with eyes of blazing red. I’ve never seen such eyes before, I wonder if was I half asleep or something. But it started snarling. It was just a cat, but I was scared. Maybe I wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t 30 minutes past midnight.

I dashed forward and kicked at the thing while running downstairs. I didn’t hear any sound from the cat, nor did I look back. I just ran out of the place. When I was running back to my car, I could swear a group of people chased me. I don’t know where they came from, they just appeared from behind the trees, if they were even there. But I made it back, so I must have outrun them.

I got home, I locked the doors and rushed to my room. I guess I was in a panic, which would have been stupid, but that horrible shade of red was stuck in my mind. And those videos I watched didn’t help either. I kept remembering that sickening creature. But when I looked at my watch, I became paralysed with fright.

My watch said it was 4 in the morning. That should have been impossible, it was merely an hour since I explored the building on top of that mountain at half-past midnight. The drive only takes about ten minutes, and I had just come home. I’m still so confused as to why this happened. Thinking my watch could be broken, I looked at the clock in the kitchen.

4 in the morning. Every clock in my house said 4 in the morning. At this stage I was choking with fear. I just ran upstairs and tried to sleep.

I’m not having anything to do with this anymore. I’m forgetting the book, the notes, the building of stone, everything. I don’t want to burn the notes, because if something happens to me they could give people a lead as to why I was in such danger. Is it too much to say I’m in danger? No, it’s not. All because of those eyes. I know they’re watching me right now. And anyone who’s read this.

But I don’t care. People can die for all I care, I just want to be safe.


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