The black cat

I can’t really say anymore about those videos except for the obvious fact that they’re for promotional purposes. But there is one thing that unsettles me.

The location that is frequently seen in the videos (the place can be seen in every video except “Outcast PV 3”). It seems to be exactly the same place where I took one of my photographs in the mountains, and the place in the sketch. This is probably a coincidence, but the sheer number of times the videos showed it proves the location may have some significance.

Another image that seems frequent is that black cat. After reading “Outcast”, the reason for this is clear. It’s supposed to have some “satanic significance” (in the words of the writer). After searching for this picture of the cat on the internet, I found it mentioned on a certain website;


I seem to be rambling quite a bit. If so, I apologise. I’m just… excited I guess, by all this. Something tells me I should leave it alone, but I can’t. The abhorred nature of “Outcast” somehow makes the events behind the story so tempting to find out.

I’ll post the link to the website I found the picture on, to see what anyone may think of it.


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