“Project Outcast”?

I was planning on looking for information about “Outcast” and its writer in a library, but I don’t think I’ll need to after what I found.

I searched for the “Outcast” book I was looking for on the internet in case anything was posted there about it, and when I was nearly losing hope I stumbled across a Youtube channel which uploaded several videos. I realised this was the same “Outcast” book I was looking for. Apparently they’re all “promotional videos” for the book the person was working on.

Judging from the videos, the writer seems to have got help with the production of the novella. “Project Outcast” supposedly is a group of people organised by him/her to contribute to the book, I think? Either way, it keeps being mentioned throughout the video’s descriptions.

By the way, I’ve made the “Project Outcast” writing seen in the novel the header for this blog. I’ve also made “Project Outcast” the name of this blog so people can find it more easily if they need to.

I’ll post the videos on this blog for people to see.


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