The notes

The previous owner’s manuscripts seemed to be research notes of some kind. I thought they were just ideas for the novel, but after a closer look I’m not so sure about that…

Have a look for yourselves:


If these were development notes or anything to do with the fictional story the person’s written, then why would they be written to appear so factual?

It makes no sense. And the one in the third picture confuses me the most. That sketch the guy did looks like the place I took a picture of in the mountains. Of course, he/she didn’t know I was there. But it’s strange all the same. Well, I probably have no reason to be worried. But I guess it shocks me a little bit.

I’m going to read that book “Outcast”. There could be something in there that’ll make me understand the notes more. I’m also going to transcribe the notes so people can read them more clearly.

By the way, I haven’t been feeling too well recently so I went to the doctor this afternoon and got an injection. Apparently it was some type of flu, but nothing serious.


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