I was looking around the attic for the first time yesterday, completely empty as expected. But in the corner of the place I found a small bundle of papers.

They were notes, left in a meticulously neat order. Seeing absolutely nothing except for this was kinda eerie. Nevertheless I took them, and downstairs I read them.

What I found was surprising, to say the least.

It appears that whoever owned this house before me was a writer of some sort. All of the papers were covered with hastily handwritten notes and sketches. Except for one bundle of papers typed up, which appeared to be a fully-finished yet unpublished book.

I counted the pages, and the previous owner (supposedly) had written an 84-page novella. The writer has it titled “Outcast”. I haven’t read it yet, and I’m not sure if I should read a stranger’s discarded book anyway. But I’m still tempted to take a look.

The cover of this forgotten book is weird, though. The author went to the trouble of drawing some type of insignia for it:

Does anyone know where this logo may derive from? Or what it may mean, if anything at all?

Now, I know I said I’d use this blog for photography purposes. But this is kind of exciting for me, you know? So In the meantime I might as well read some of this book, and I’ll post anything I find out about it along the way.


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