I’ve just moved into a two-storey house, complete with attic, and I’m pretty impressed by it. It’s on a nice estate, too. I saw the advertisement for it, and I was pretty much desperate to move so I could start afresh. The details of my time before moving I won’t go into.

As a newbie to this blog-posting fad, I might as well post something interesting for you folks…

Here’s two photos I took while hiking out in the mountains a few days ago. They’re not much but I figure I need some content to put up on this, yeah?

I’m hoping to get a career in photography, so I guess that was good practice for me.

While I was there I even passed a lovely black cat on the slope of a mountain, but I didn’t get a chance to photograph it because it scampered away when I took out my camera. I guess cats don’t like Kodaks?

Anyway, I was thinking of using this blog to develop my photography “skills”. I’ll post something else if anything happens that remotely interesting…


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